Welcome Curvy Peoples!

Hi there juicy peers!

I am pleased you have decided to read my blog! Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Lauren and I LOVE eating clean, and cruelty free. What truly brings me happiness is inventing recipes that I’ve never tried before and sharing them.

I hope you will be delighted by my own creative spin on dishes and decide to follow me for the long haul, because not only do I want to run this blog full time (eventually) I also plan to create an eBook of 100% original vegan, raw, super-food milk shakes and smoothies.

If you would like to connect further you can find my tumblr for ideas/inspiration (http://imacurvypear.tumblr.com/), my instagram for a view into my life (http://instagram.com/thrasherrr), pinterest to see my interests (http://www.pinterest.com/imacurvypear/), and email for any questions/requests you may have (imacurvypear@gmail.com)!


First food blog post coming within the week, stay tuned!

Stay juicy,

Curvy Pear